These interactive tutorials are designed to help you get the most out of the Statistics New Zealand website. They include sound so you may require headphones or speakers to listen to each.

Homepage Tutorial
A guide to the homepage and information available to small and medium enterprises.
Time 4:15, Size 1.9MB

Table Builder Tutorial
A guide to the Table Builder tool and how to customise Business Demographic information.
5:27, Size 2.2MB

Visitor Arrival Information Tutorial
A guide to Overseas Visitor Arrival information. Time 3:44, Size 1.6MB

Accommodation Information Tutorial
A guide to Accommodation information in a Microsoft Excel Pivot table . Time 3:57, Size 1.8MB

HES and Census Tutorial
A guide to using the Household Economic Survey and Census information to identify potential customers and their proximity.
Time 11:27, Size 5.1MB

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The tutorials require Macromedia Flash Player Tutorials by ASP Design Ltd
Intro to the tutorials
An Introduction to Stats NZ interactive tutorials
Time 1:44 . Hi Res (9MB) / Low-Res (3MB)

'Intro to the tutorials' is taken from the GO Stats! DVD